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Cooking with Cannabis: Elevating your Taste Buds

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How to Cook with Cannabis

Cannabis Basics


Discover the Different Types and Usage of CBD on the Market

Edibles, Tinctures, LearnFrom edibles to lotions. Come discuss the different types of CBD on the Market.

What Is CBD?

The Basics of CBD

Learn, CBD BasicsDid you know that CBD oil can be made from either marijuana or hemp? It’s true. Come learn some more!

CBD Buyers Guide

CBD Buyer's Guide

CBD, CBD GuidePart of our How To series, we present a beginner's guide to learning how to buy CBD.

CBD Dosage Calculator

Edibles Dosage Calculator

Edibles, Dosage Calculator This calculator will help estimate both your infusion potency and edible recipe dosage potency.

Medical Research

The Science of Marijuana

By using a plant that has been around for thousands of years, we discovered a new physiological system of immense importance. We wouldn't have been able to get there if we had not looked at the plant.
Dr. Raphael Mechoulam
Simply put, and politics aside, marijuana is the single most medicinally valuable plant that has ever existed.
Michael H Moskowitz, MD
CBD: A Patient's Guide to Medicinal Cannabais
"I love this site! Appreciate all the information and the simple recipes."
Designer and Hippy