Hey there fellow Hippies. Today we give a dedicated Ardent FX Review.

One of our favorite all-in-one decarb and infusers on the market today.

The Highs

  • Minimal odor – we could barely smell it.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • One-touch decarboxylation
  • From decarb to edible – all-in-one
  • Get $30 off with discount code – bethehippy

The Lows

  • It’s on the expensive side at $299
  • No LED display, but the buttons are easy enough
  • Limited to substances you can infuse – alcohol not recommended

Are you tired of grinding, decarbing and monitoring your cannabis flower before making edibles?

Worried about overcooking your flower, loosing potency and burning your terpenes?

Good news for edible fans: Ardent FX has solved for all the at-home tools and packed it into a sleek all-in-one product.

The Ardent FX is, in the their words, an “all-in-one, portable canna-kitchent. Backed by science.” that is suitable for both amateur and professional cannacooks.

The design blends in with other kitchen appliances and it makes the best cannabutter (and more). Raising less suspicion from guests and neighbors.

Get $30 off with code ‘bethehippy’ at Ardent

What can Ardent FX Do?

The Ardent FX is a beast:

  • It can cook cannabutter with industrial precision,
  • decarboxylate your flower,
  • simmer, and strain up to four ounces of product in one go,
  • bake your favorite edibles

The manual claims that you can use full nuggets of flower without wasting time and grinding the product (“stems and all”!).

But we found that was best for just decarboxlating and not as great when infusing with butters and oils.

With a single push of a button, you can control whether to decarboxylate for CBD or THC activation. Ardent FX will manage it all. Keeping your buds at the precise, constant heat necessary to reach their fullest of full potential.

After the initial decarb process finishes, add your preferred fat or oil and hit another button. Let the Ardent FX infuse your buds at the ideal infusion temperature.

Like a French press for coffee, you can strain out the plant material and are left with the perfect infusion for cooking! Minus all the plant material — this helps to reduce the weed flavor when backing. A nice perk.

The cannabutter kit also comes with pre-measured ice cube boxes you can use to preserve your cannabutter for future use.

You can even use the Ardent FX to bake in for your favorite high treat. How’s about brownie mix?

How Does Ardent FX Work?

I use the Ardent FX all the time. It is a ‘set it and forget it’ tool in my cannabis arsenal.

Unlike my normal process with mason jars and large ovens (which I still love to do, it feels more “authentic”). I decided to watch a movie and turn on the Ardent FX in the background.

Halfway through the movie I went into the kitchen to check on the progress. The only scent I detected was the recent rainfall (rainy day is movie day) — not at all like when I “decarb” in my oven.

While cooking only a small amount, the absence of any odor was a big plus.

Once the device has determined you’ve reached the optimal temperature and cooking time (it took about two hours for me), it will notify you to start the infusion phase.

The device can take some time and it does very depending on the amount you use. So it’s good to check on it throughout the day.

But… it’s nowhere near as time consuming as the tradition DIY stuff we love to test out on this site — if you got $300 to spare.

When I opened the container and saw some toasted pot, I added a few tablespoons of butter and pressed the “infuse” button.

FYI – decide your potency with our free cannabis dosage calculator.

Around three hours later, the Ardent FX was filled with lovely green cannabutter.

Straining cannabutter is always a hassle, but with the Ardent FX, it was a breeze.

Way less spills and my hands never smell of cannabutter. Even though some of you love that smell, I know you do.

Time to Try the Goods.

Out of laziness, I placed a teaspoon of butter on a cookie (THC free) on the kitchen table. Eating a dab of butter on a cookie was better than I thought.

+1 for laziness!

Suffice to say that the Ardent FX worked well and spared me some of the more embarrassing details of my evening.


It’s been a few hours now, I decided to pause writing and wait to see if the potency was just right. So excuse the rest of this article… but… success.

Next time I plan to run this through my T-check device and see how potent it is. Thats for Another article I guess.

All around, my description here is not that of a one time use review. I’ve used the Ardent a dozen or more times. Each time it works, and each time I put less work into it as I know the features and can judge the time pretty dang well.

We really do love it here at BeTheHippy.

Ardent automated a usually time-consuming and (sometimes) complicated process.

Anyone who enjoys their edibles, and is tired of the DIY style process should try this out.

The court reached a final decision

The Ardent FX is a stunning device that will impress even the most purest of marijuana consumers. Assuming you’re an edible fan who can spare $300.

The Ardent FX is a fantastic addition to any home with a growing stash of marijuana. The do it yourself types or the “once in a whilers” can enjoy this tool.

I plan to continue using it and experimenting with all their accessories, but I’ll also never give up the at home methods either.

It’s all science to me!

The Ardent FX can be purchased online from Ardent , (bethehippy code for $30 off).

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