Can CBD, CBG or THC help with stress and anxiety during these crazy Covid-19 times? Where can we buy the best CBD for stress?

Let’s see if we can help break it all down for you.

First and foremost, the research is still coming on these cannabinoids so we are not in the game of pushing medical products without comprehensive science to back them.

We research what we can, learn what’s out there, but at the end of the day we are our own test subjects. Everyone responds differently to cannabis and from what we’ve tried, there are a few products that do appear to help us.

I don’t suffer from anxiety or stress all that much, my make-up is just that way. But the fiance roommate has been a great test product with all these corona problems floating around.

Does CBD Help Anxiety and Stress?

My guess is the first time some of you heard of CBD was after a chat with a friend about anxiety or stress. It’s one of the most common reasons people take CBD oil and related products.

This word of mouth is usually the start of the rabbit hole of the many benefits of cannabis – beyond that of the our euphoric THC friend.

As it happens, out of CBD’s many uses, anxiety relief has some of the strongest medical research evidence. But please always do your own digging.

Most notably, a 2011 study by Brazilian researchers found that CBD reduced anxiety caused by public speaking in people with social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Similarly, a Colorado researcher 2019 study reported that people with sleep and anxiety issues experienced significant improvement by taking CBD.

And lastly, a 2017 British study found that CBD can reduce blood pressure, which is beneficial because anxiety can cause spikes in blood pressure.

Our CBD Oil Company Criteria

These are just a few of our criteria for companies playing in the cannabis space. It’s a growing field, a thriving business and ripe for snake-oil sales people. We are here to break through the junk and bubble up the premium companies.

If you want to learn a little more about our method, check out or company review process.

Growing Methods and Testing Transparency

3rd party lab testing is a MUST! Since Cannabis is very responsive to the nutrients in the soil (aka. phytoremediation) we want to know where and how the plant was cultivated – from sow to harvest.

Pesticides and metals are not our friends. We do not want these entering the plant which we’ll then consume. No fun.

We look for recent 3rd party results using a batch process. Each harvest should have it’s own testing and it should be a recent lab result for our needs.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

When buying CBD oils or tinctures online, reviews are sometimes our best friends… and sometimes our worst enemies.

Product reviews can be doctored, made up and covered up. So, we look for more than 10 reviews on average for all the products (some are favored more than others and get extra reviews).

Actually read through them. It’s, sadly, quite easy to tell the difference between an honest review and spam style reviews.

Also, this is a little petty, but we care about the brand. Put some effort into it companies! Our design background is sometimes a curse…

Website and Support Experience

Shipping cannabis is still a bit taboo to some of the squares out there. Hopefully they find their way to our site to learn a Little Sumpin Sumpin (my go to beer).

The website should be easy to use, quick to discover products and go’s into details about the product and company. Tell us about your history, what’s your mission and whats your passion.

We love companies that care about their customers as much as they care about their cannabis plants.

We want to be sure to understand the product quality and how transparent throughout the purchase process. Customer service A-OK? Did it ship quickly and safely? Will everyone know I’m buying cannabis? Is it as promised?

And in no particular order, our favorite CBD oil companies to source your goods.

Our Favorite Places to Buy CBD for Stress and Anxiety


We highly recommend buying your CBD oil here. Beautiful branding, high transparency and depth of information shine with Cannaflower.

They’re one of the only hemp brands that give you a full step-by-step breakdown of their growing and processing methods.

They have beautiful graphs to breakdown the terpene amounts as well as lab tests to show the safety and cannabinoids percentages.

From a lifter to a calm and relaxed tincture, Cannaflower has it all. One of the only companies to provide multiple strains targeted your desired effect.

Buy Cannaflower oil for stress online (enter BeTheHippy for 10% off)

Sacred Smoke Herbals

We’ve never received a bad order from Sacred Smoke Herbals. They have high quality CBD oils, CBG flower and a whole lot more. Homemade small batch and high quality goods.

Sacred Smoke Herbals, a woman-owned smoke shop, is a collection of botanical magick, herbal potions, & sacred plants; each offered with the intention of honoring the Earth, elevating your rituals & soothing the mind + body + soul.

Sacred Smoke Herbals is a boutique brand with witchy-women vibe. I know this is a CBD flower specific post, but it would be remiss of us if we did not mention all the other products they have. From smokable blends, bath bombs, all the way to ritual teas.

One day I’ll get the gumption to try the ritual teas (or maybe they’ll see this post and send me some:)).

They sell high-CBD hemp oils made specifically for stress and relaxation that’s organically grown, lab-tested, and available in all 50 states.

We highly recommend.

Buy Sacred Smoke Herbals CBD oil for stress online (enter BeTheHippy for 15% off)

Will You Get High From Taking CBD Oil?

Nope, as long as you know the potency and THC (0.3 percent or less) content of the CBD you will not get high from CBD if it’s correctly grown and tested.

You may feel light on your feet, but that’s the point.

On a positive note, you should expect to get a nice boost to your mood. And according to recent studies, CBD oils and tinctures may even act as an amazing natural cognitive enhancer.

In marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is largely responsible for its impairing effects. Because CBD flower is purposely grown devoid of THC. Primarily, under 0.3% content that is in CBD flower and nowhere near enough to get you high, drowsy, or otherwise make you impaired.

So when you extract it into a tincture (alcohol based) or oil, you won’t convert too much THCa into THC as you would with a THC dominant strain.

We also suggest getting full-spectrum or broad-based tinctures. These have more cannabinoids in it to help create the entourage effect – the combining of multiple cannabinoids (CBN, CBG…) to drive therapeutic results.

We tend to avoid the CBD isolates.

Stay groovy my friends!

Disclaimer: this information is not medical advice and is purely for entertainment and education purposes. In no way do we condone the use of cannabis or it’s bi-products without the consent of your medical professional as well as abiding by your state and country laws.

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