Our Favorite All-In-One Cannabis Grow Cabinets

Talk about discreet!

Looking to grow a small amount of cannabis indoors?

Don’t want people to question a random tent in your room?

Then cannabis grow cabinets are for you!

The best grow boxes on the market will help make it easy for you to produce weed indoors. It will stay hidden and can reduce the heat, noise, and smells that come from growing marijuana. 

In the long run, it can save you money — when compared to buying flower at the shop (taxes are insane right now).

What we love about automated grow cabinets; their ease of use, they include everything you need to get going and their discreetness.

What we dislike, the price. They can cost a pretty penny, but so does setting up your own grow room.

Unlike DIY hydroponics which requires lots of testing and tweaking, indoor grow kits are ready to go, all-in-one solutions. They are fully automated and include all fans, filters, lights, pumps, and everything else you need to grow.

They’re ideal for beginners and people looking for consistent yields with less effort.

What Makes for a Good Weed Grow Box?

The final product of course!

But we do have some specific things we look for. A full grow system does have a hefty up front cost, but over time, we think it’s always the right choice.

So make sure to find a good one. It’s worth it do to the research.

High quality boxes produce high quality flower that you know is safe to consume. And you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards. Trust us, it’s true.

Wattage🔌: How bright is the darn thing? Wattage is one way of gauging how powerful the included lights are.

Odor Control🦨: Listed as a percent, odor control indicates how good the grow closet is at keeping your neighbors from knowing what you are growing.

Grow Type🌊: Hydroponics or soil based? Soil is a bit easier, but will yield a bit less than hydroponically grown cannabis.

Light Proof🔦: Also listed as a percent, this spec indicates how closed up the system really is. A high percentage means very little light gets in. A necessity for the final product.

Light Type💡: Find the right grow light for your needs: LED, HPS, or CFL. LED is energy efficient and cool, HPS is hotter but makes plants grow rapidly, CFL needs to be adjusted but work well in small spaces.

Automated🤖: How well can the the grow box function on its own. Does it feed itself and manage the water and humidity? Will the lights manage themselves through different grow stages?

Dimensions📐: The size of a grow box (usually measured in feet) is important depending on how many plants you want to grow and how much space you have.

The Best Cannabis Grow Cabinets on the Market

And in no particular order, we walk through some of our favorite cabinets.

The Armoire – Biochamber Cannabis Growing Kit

The Armoire comes in as our favorite in design and aesthetic beauty. People will just think it’s a cabinet, it has multiple finishes and can fit into any room in the house.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it for the quality and all encompassing tools it delivers. You can get going on day one — after a little bit of set up.

It comes with a ton of features, including a 12 spectrum proprietary timed light, a digital temperature, humidity, and moisture meter, and powerful air circulation fans.

The Armoire is different. It’s specifically designed to give you consistently impressive results every cycle with minimal maintenance. In fact, it only requires 2 minutes of care a day to yield 3-5 oz of dried flower in as little as 60 days!

The closed system, powerful LED light, and optimized levels ensure a perfect environment for your plant. You will get no mold, no pests, and no overwatering or under-watering if you follow the instructions.

Super Closet – SuperBox LED Smart Cannabis Grow Box

Best for keeping in the basement, office in garage since it pretty much reminds me of a filing cabinet.

Great price for this turn-key, hydroponic or soil based, and most compact seed-to-harvest Grow Box.

Smart-tech build in and a free camera included with most purchases. Make sure you can keep an eye on the system while out. A nice comfort.

This system works great for beginners looking to harvest a few plants, nothing huge. 6 – 8 plants depending on hydroponic or soil option.

Easy to clean and keep care of.

It includes the Superponics hydroponic system for eight plants, dual Kind LED X40 Flower Bar Lights, App-Controlled Smart Timers, WIFI webcam, internal circulation fan, carbon filter, thermometer/hygrometer and a plant nutrients starter kit so you can get started right away.

As you can see, this system should give anyone the essentials to get started with hydroponic growing.

GroBo – Your Do It All Cannabis Grow Box

Our must expensive recommendation, but definetly one of the best in the market in terms of functionality, yield and design aesthetics.

No need to hide in the closet. You’ll be proud to show this one off!

Our favorite feature is how automated this cannabis grow box is. Basically a set it and forget, even with pH balancing, nutrients and suggestive growing techniques through the lifecycle.

The Grobo Premium comes with everything you need to start growing right away. The free Grow Kit includes Bottles 1 and 2 for adjusting pH, and Bottles 3,4, and 5 for feeding your plant.

It also includes our Smell Reducing Carbon Filter and a Coco Pod for your seed to grow in. Just add your favorite seed and start growing!

It features everything you could need for a successful harvest: automatic nutrient dosing; computerized pH balancing; LED lighting that adjusts depending on the stage of the growing cycle; environmental monitoring; carbon filters to cut odour leakage; a refillable water tank; and fans for air circulation and drying.

The Grobo connects to Wi-Fi, where it can access a multitude of programs or “grow recipes” that allow it to fine-tune itself for any seed you put in it.

It then uses sensors to check the condition of the plant, adjusting its watering and feeding schedules, so you only have to worry about the harvest.

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