Proper CBD Dosage

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While it is difficult to calculate an ideal dosage for everyone, we can provide some basic information to get you started. Understanding your particular needs, type of CBD and strength all play a piece in the equation – let’s start with the you factor.

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It depends on many factors: your body size, your metabolism, your health condition, and the ailment you may be treating.A physician who specializes in the use of medical marijuana, told us, “The basic formula is between .25mg and 2 mg per pound daily. If a person is taking their medicinal herb in three doses per day, the total daily amount would be divided by three. Children and small-bodied people would obviously require less than large-bodied adults.”

A standard eyedropper dispenses approximately 0.05 ml per drop, so 20 drops adds up to 1 ml. Oil, water, and alcohol have different viscosity, so the drops per ml can range from 17 to 23, depending on the liquid, but 20 drops = 1 ml is a “good enough” estimate.

It’s around 1/3 dropper in our 2 oz. bottles. Count drops if you want to know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting.

In a 1 oz. bottle, there is 30 ml. of oil, which is about 600 drops, containing approximately 500 mg of CBD. 2 oz. bottles have 60 ml. and about 1200 drops, containing approximately 1000 mg of CBD. 1/2 oz. bottles have 15 ml of oil and about 300 drops, containing approximately 250 mg of CBD.

Each person has a unique body chemistry, body weight, history, tolerance built up over time, unique digestion system, and body chemistry. It has been reported that the best way to begin is with very small doses, 3 times daily, one hour before meals. It was recommended that this continue for up to two weeks, to see whether your condition improves. If it doesn’t, increase the dosage slightly, and use it that way for one full week, and increase it again the next week, until you find relief.

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